Sep 23

Weekend Room Refresh

Today we are are doing a Refresh Your Room makeover with Method! They just released their new line of Air Refreshers a few weeks ago and to celebrate we launched a $1,000 “Refresh Your Room” giveaway from Method.  Today we are going to show how to do your own Room Refresh. The idea is to refresh your room in a weekend with just $1000. Our managing Editor, Alison Piepmeyer volunteered her living room for the task. Our challenge was to redo Alison’s living room with $1000. Not a small sum of money but not big enough to buy a new sofa. We just wanted to use the things she already had and update the room with a few new pieces. Let’s get started! The first step of a Room Refresh is to (continued below)

Weekend Room Refresh | Oh Happy Day!Weekend Room Refresh | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 23

Party Clock Invitation DIY

by Sally J Shim

I love a good pun and this Party Clock Invitation DIY will let the recipient know it is time for a fun celebration. You can customize the text on the invitation to reflect the type of party you are throwing, whether it is a birthday party, housewarming party, or baby shower. Try cutting a circle from patterned paper if you want a bit more pattern and color on your invitation. If there are important details that will not fit on the front of the invitation, print it on the back of the invitation.

Party Clock Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!Party Clock Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!Party Clock Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 22

Little Llama Costume

Make this Llama costume out of a mop head! This sweet little llama can be put together in an hour, it’s so easy! Get all the instructions below. PS – Check out ALL our Halloween ideas here.

Little Llama Costume | Oh Happy Day! Little Llama Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 19

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Such a great DIY.
2. I wish I would’ve thought of this.
3. The perfect snack for Halloween!
4. Everyone needs a Unicorn party.
5. So impressed with the new Playful book!

Sep 18

Nesting Doll Costume

This costume is one of my favorites. When I was a little girl I would play with Russian Nesting Dolls for hours. This costume gets even better if you have several girls in different sizes- ha! Don’t forget to add those bright circles on your cheeks as a finishing touch! See all of our Homemade Halloween ideas by clicking here. 


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