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Balloon Poetry 05

This is our latest installment of balloon poetry, where we plaster temporary poetry installations in unexpected locations around San Francisco. This month’s target: a parking lot.  I wouldn’t mind pulling up next to something like this!

Balloon Poetry 05 | Oh Happy Day!

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Color Factory

I’m so excited to tell you about our new project, The Color Factory! We’ve put together our favorite color artists, color designers, and color chefs to make something really magical. I can’t say too much more right now but its going to be awesome! Coming to San Francisco August 2017.

Go to our website to sign up for email updates and follow along on Instagram for news of our launch date.

Color Factory

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Rainbow Honeycomb Arch

Honeycomb decorations are such an easy and affordable way to elevate the look of your party, especially when arranged in RAINBOW formation!! This DIY was inspired by the arch at Laura Miller‘s amazing wedding (you can see the whole thing here!) The end result is so versatile- use it as a photo booth backdrop, a wedding arch or a beautiful and festive frame for your food table! 

Click through for the DIY…

Rainbow Honeycomb Arch | Oh Happy Day!

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