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Pity Party

We’ve all been through it- the obligatory post-breakup wallowing and, apparently, it’s what we’re supposed to do- if Lorelei Gilmore is to be believed. The continuous downing of sugar-filled, fatty, super-processed foods and pajama loafing is a veritable rite of passage.

But, rather than endure it alone, why not turn it into a party?

Get your friends to bring over a surplus of the aforementioned snacks, order in the greasiest pizza you know, watch sad movies, share war stories, cry, commiserate.  Wallowers unite. Girl power and all that.

To complete the decadence, there should be a high cozy factor-  blankets, pillows and chunky knitted socks should abound.

…and ice-cream. Lots of ice-cream. 

Pity Party | Oh Happy Day!

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