Mar 31

Easter Hat Favors DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Here is a cute favor that can be used for Easter, a Mother’s Day Brunch, a Garden Party or a little girl’s birthday party. You can present the favors on a tray, or hang them as a garland for guests to take one on their way out. Print or write out a sign that says, “Hats off to you! Thank you for coming!”

Easter Hat Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Mar 30

Design Mom Book + Bay Area Party

Today I’m so excited to announce my sister, Design Mom’s, new book! How to Live with Kids: A Room-By-Room Guide. It is genius! Stop whatever you are doing and get one. It basically goes through the whole house and has clever ideas and tips on how to have a house that’s great for kids but doesn’t compromise on living. The book officially comes out April 7th, but you can click here to pre-order it now. I’ve always looked up to Gabby and she is always the first person I ask for parenting advice because I love how she and Ben parent their kids. When you go to their house you’ll find a beautiful and practical house that always looks great with with happy kids running around climbing trees or making movies. They are really deliberate and thoughtful about how they raise their kids and live their lives. When you go to their house you don’t want to leave. For me there couldn’t be a more perfect person to write this book.

One more thing, We’re THROWING A PARTY!! We’re hosting a book party in honor of Gabrielle and Design Mom at DIESEL, A Bookstore in Oakland on April 7 from 6pm – 7:30pm and everyone’s invited! There will be treats, gifts, a book signing, and I will be doing a Q&A with Gabby. You can get all the details here! PLEASE COME!

Chair_211 2.1.15_BlairFamily-5198


First photo by Seth Smoot & styled by Kendra Smoot
Last photo by Kristen Loken for Design Mom

Mar 30

Strawberry Cascarones DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

With April Fool’s Day falling so close to Easter this year, trick your friends with these confetti eggs disguised as strawberries. There’s nothing as fun as a bowl of cascarones just waiting to be cracked over unsuspecting heads!

Strawberry Cascarones DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Mar 27

Printable Pretzel Cones

by Alix Sorrell

Pretzels are always a fun treat & healthy treat to eat so why not put a “twist” on normal pretzel packaging? National Pretzel Day is coming up (April 26th) so these patterned treat cones are the perfect way to celebrate this yummy snack! You’ll definitely impress your friends with this prez-entation!

Printable Pretzel Cones | Oh Happy Day!

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Mar 26

Lollipop Favor Necklaces

by Kathleen Ballos

Have you ever noticed that mini pill cases come in the best colors? I couldn’t help but turn them into something more fun: these lollipop favor necklaces! If you’re having a candy themed party, these would be perfect on a dessert table or as a goodbye favor.


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